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Career Competitor

Jul 30, 2021

For our 100th Episode we welcome in an incredible story in that of Sarah Thomas who back in 2019 swam the English 4-times in 1 continuous effort! Her 54 hour swim is the longest single swim ever recorded in English Channel swimming history and makes her effort one of the most superhuman attempts ever recorded. 

Sarah is a recruiter in her day job but her ultimate passion in life in optimizing her hardworking approach to swimming by taking on ultra-distance open water swims. Her core belief system is based upon being the best version of herself each and every day, while finding other fantastic humans in the world and working to bring them together. The swimming world has allowed her to do that many times over, but the competitor within her is still not fully satisfied with her recording swimming attempts; she is still hungry for more!

Sarah presents some amazing perspective on what is sometimes required to see something through to the end, the need to make time for the things that make you happiest, and the reason we should all be grateful to simply have the opportunities to compete in life.