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Career Competitor

Aug 14, 2021

On this episode we welcome in a man who is no stranger to competing for the long haul as Tim O'Donnell joins us to discuss his illustrious Ironman career including his 2009 ITU World Championship and many more stories over his long career at the top of the sport. 

What would seem like such an overwhelming task to just about any regular person on planet earth, Tim has managed to make a career out of performing for enormous periods of time thanks to his investment in optimal preparation, ability to trust himself during competition, and by allowing his process to evolve over time. 

We cannot always control the outcome and sometimes the events leading up to times of performance, but Tim walks us through some personal accounts of how he has managed to optimize opportunities to compete through his ability to "prepare best you can with cards you're dealt"

You can check out Tim and his wife, Rinny youtube page at and as always let us know your thoughts on the episode at