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Career Competitor

Sep 24, 2020

On this episode I sit down with Minor League Baseball Player, Jeremy Randolph who joins us for a slightly different spin on the show. As a current professional athlete in a very difficult current climate, he finds himself at a crossroads within his life, trying to decide between remaining with baseball or starting life after the game.


This episode provides a great opportunity to get to know the competitor Jeremy is, analyze the work he is doing in order to prepare for a successful career no matter the path he opts to go down, and just offer support to someone who is definitely making a lot of sacrifices in life currently.


We are approaching a new area within the show today as we are highlighting an individual who is likely reminiscent of some of our listeners, who too might be going through some difficult life and career transitions. This is an exercise that we will certainly be revisiting as we try to continue expanding upon what this show can do to further enhance you the competitor within your career field of choice.


We learn about Jeremy’s background in the sport of Baseball and his journey through college undergrad along with his Masters degree, and hear about his opportunity now within Professional baseball having been drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals (5:00). Jeremy then sheds light on his experiences throughout 2020 with him dealing with the loss of opportunities at the lower levels of baseball and his battle with finding a paycheck (8:35), while leaning on his greatest asset and support through this trying time in his wife, who also happens to be pursuing her life’s passion (12:40). Jeremy gets into the support and advice he has received at this juncture within his life (16:17), the role Major League Baseball has played for individuals such as Jeremy recently (20:34), and how he feels about the chances he and other minor league players have been given (22:00). In the final parts of the discussion we hear how Baseball can sometimes create an environment that isn’t fun to be a part of (24:25), but the fact Jeremy is always able to find the fun for what he does when he is simply out there competing.