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Career Competitor

Aug 26, 2021

We welcome Kelly Palace to the show to enlighten us on the extensive experience she has across so many industry's... all within which she has been successful in! Between being a championship swimmer, coach, pharmaceutical salesperson, real-estate specialist, and now life coach with an award winning podcast, Kelly has found a way to compete to the highest level and win!

So much of what Kelly has achieved she acknowledges comes back to her ability to see the big picture but approach achieving it by "putting a penny in the jar" daily. This tactical approach has allowed her to build success on her terms at her pace, something she learnt from her distance swimming career. 

Kelly's new book Take your Mark, Lead! gives readers a map for how to identify the "persona's" they best relate to in order to lead in a way that is most familiar to them. Within the interview we discuss how these persona's can be best attributed based on the environment within which we are trying to lead within. 

So much fantastic insight into the competitor Kelly is and I also encourage you to go listen to her podcast "Champions Mojo" where you hear all about her and her co-host, Maria Parker stories on what makes people champions at what they do.