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Career Competitor

Sep 10, 2021

It gives me great pleasure to welcome back to the show the remarkable Kelly Cat-Wells who, since we last spoke has made the "Forbes 30 under 30", gotten engaged (and married - SURPRISE!), and continues to catapult the careers of so many disabled people across the entertainment and sports world. 

Only the third time I have welcomed someone back to the show makes this episode that extra bit special but the content we cover is fantastic for anyone lost and drowning in their career to hear. Keely has found a way to enhance her magnificent career and companies, while making time to let love and companionship into her life to find success across all areas!

It is important to make time for these particular episodes from time-to-time to remind ourselves of the power a healthy and happy existence away from our career can have on the direction of our career. Keely had to learn the hard way that immersing herself in her career success at the expense of her happiness was a road to long term disappointment, so she made space for it and boy did it pay off!

If you didn't listen to the first episode with Keely I encourage you to do so here - - so you can learn all about her career trajectory before hearing about her successes today!