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Career Competitor

Mar 19, 2021

We welcome in a historic figure in Indian sports history to the show today as Shikha Tandon - the first Indian person to represent her country swimming multiple events at an Olympic Games - joins us to share her story and provide fascinating perspective on some of her competitive qualities. 

Working in her role today with Silicon Valley Exercise Analytics, Shikha has become accustomed to providing data to athletes of all levels on how they can learn from performance in order to optimize it in the future. Interestingly, Shikha had a similar approach to her competitive swimming career as she had to rely fully on lessons from her own journey with not having any blueprint provided to excel at what she was aiming to do. 

We cover Shikha's story growing up in India, how she found the sport of swimming, and how quickly she established success. Later we discuss the fascinating company she is working for today at and hear about the "feedback loop" we can all strive to implement it within our day-to-day. Finally, Shikha brings things full circle and highlights how she is able to use her mindset from her swimming days in assisting athletes she and SVEXA assist today. 

So many concepts are presented within this discussion regarding the make up of a competitive and successful person, and you can learn more about the episode and show at