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Career Competitor

Aug 20, 2021

Today we welcome a truly phenomenal young woman who has a story to tell that will simply leave you amazed as 19-year old, Ashley Jones joins us. No stranger to life's truest tests of character and adversities, Ashley presents insight and teachings way beyond her years and will leave you wanting to accomplish as much within your life that you are physically capable of doing.

Having lost one of the most important people in her life at a young age, Ashley also dealt with the trauma of a near-fatal accident that left her body changed forever. Throughout this process, there have been more emotional and physical obstacles to overcome, yet she has constantly strived to find meaning and purpose for each moment along the way, and today she is leading a life of optimism and ambition that is built upon so many of these challenging experiences. 

You can follow Ashley through Instagram at Ashley_carolinej and I would also love to hear from you as to how you were impacted by this episode through our email at