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Career Competitor

Nov 23, 2021

On this episode we welcome in the incredible story and woman that is Ryan Rae Harbuck as she shares her journey of ownership, fortitude, and perspective.

This is no ordinary swim coach or human being for that matter as Ryan offers a level of vulnerability that offers an array of lessons we can apply to our careers and lives, especially within the role of a leader. 

Within our discussion Ryan provides examples on; the impact vulnerability can have on both yourself and those around you; why remaining present to hone in on the smallest things is important; and why our perspective can totally alter how we handle what life throws at us.

If you don't know who Ryan Rae Harbuck is then you certainly will 40 minutes from now and I cannot encourage you enough to head to to learn more about Ryan and get yourself a copy of her forthcoming book titled when i grow up i want TO BE A CHAIR.

Head to to connect with Steve and book your 30-minute free consultation to learn how he can help you optimize your career and life.