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Career Competitor

Mar 12, 2021

On this episode we welcome in an absolute legend of the Bike world as 4x Mountain Bike World Champion, Brian Lopes joins Steve to discuss the highly competitive level of performance he has maintained for over 3 decades. A born competitor, Brian emphasizes often within the interview how he invests himself fully into everything he is a part of and how he is striving to be at his best and succeed at every opportunity possible. In addition to the competitive world of biking, Brian is making efforts to grow the sport within schools as a part of “All Kids Bike”, an organization striving to get every child in America on a bike within their PE classes.

Within the discussion Brian starts by telling us why he is still so passionate to compete at the age of 49 and how he still takes part in races only with the intention to perform at an optimal level and compete with the younger and latest generation of competitors. Furthermore, we hear how Brian has been aware of never letting things become stale as he finds slightly different ways to challenge himself as a competitor within the world of biking, but using this same approach in experiences he takes on away from the race tracks as well.

You can learn more firstly, about Brian at and by following him on Instagram @brianlopes and you can also learn all about All Kids Bike at their website Be sure to follow the show on Instagram too @career_competitor and check out our website at