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Career Competitor

Oct 1, 2021

My guest today arrives with not 1, not 2, but 3 Olympic Gold Medals from the past 3 games as a member of Team USA's incredible women's waterpolo team. Maggie Steffens is the most prolific scorer in the history of the Olympic Games having set the record for most goals scored in Olympic history at this summer's Olympics in Tokyo. 

An ever-present at the international for her country for most of the past decade, Maggie is able to share some of the meticulous details that she and her teammates implement in order to produce the best performances in the world on an annual basis. Furthermore, we learn about the family history of incredible pedigree in waterpolo that Maggie came from and how her DNA practically guaranteed she was destined for success in the sport.

We spend a great deal of time discussing what individuals need to prioritize in order to accommodate a team's success, the fundamentals of the overall factors influencing team success, and why being selfish is actually a selfless act in order for everyone to reach the common goal. 

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