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Career Competitor

Feb 26, 2021

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with one of Rio 2016 greatest Paralympic stories in McKenzie Coan as we learn all about the competitor behind the 3-time Olympic champion from 4 summers ago. Occasionally this show presents someone who demonstrates a holistic lifestyle approach to competitiveness and McKenzie certainly applies 100% of herself to every component of her day, looking for ways to win every step of the way. 

We learn from her how she prides herself on always giving a 100% effort towards her training as a Paralympic swimmer so that she take the confidence gained through her preparation into her races. Furthermore, McKenzie welcomes the adversities that life throws at her ranging from day-to-day challenges such as her disability, to more unpredictable things such as the pandemic she has dealt with the past 12 months. With an outlook built around learning about herself when she encounters tough moments, McKenzie shares with us some powerful thoughts on how best to come through the other side of setbacks. 

Be sure to go to to learn about her, while making sure you follow her on all social media @Mckenzie_coan as well. Let us know what you thought of the episode by leaving a rating on iTunes or by contacting me through career or through instagram @career_competitor